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Jason Collins.. It's Your Time...

Until you walk in another man’s shoes, you can never know what he’s gone through, what he’s thinking, what he fears most.  For Jason Collins, the first openly gay male athlete in a major American team sport, this is your time.  He told George Stephanopoulos, “.. when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful than just allowing yourself to really be happy and be comfortable in your own skin.”  The small minded haters are still there, and will spew their predictable vitriol.  But I can only imagine that the groundswell of support for Jason Collins is just beginning.  Now, had he been a loudmouth punk for 34 years, let’s face it… we’d be a little uncomfortable.  But from what I’ve read, Jason has been a caring, hard working, decent human being his entire life.  That really shouldn’t matter in the whole scheme of things… but it does.  Thanks for your courage… Good luck, young man.

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04/30/2013 12:41PM
Jason Collins.. It's Your Time...
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03/05/2014 4:45PM
Great music
You're playing the best music right now. Thanks, M Reise
03/06/2014 10:02PM
Led Zepplin
Tom, I enjoy your afternoon show and am a loyal listener. However I was slightly disturbed a few days ago when I heard your description of the guitar work in Led Zepplin's All of My Love. You described Page's playing as dense and almost like a keyboard sound. The guitar work in that song is a country western style slide twang. You could not come close to that sound with a keyboard. The only part that sounds like a keyboard is the classic keyboard solo by John Paul Jones. Anyway, I wish you would dive a little deeper into the classic rock archives because we have heard that song and many of the others far too often.
02/02/2016 9:37PM
the station
Tom Nakashima: I just want you and the others hosts to know you guys are MY FAVORITE! ( I'm sure your told that fairly often) but you start my day, thank you for making my day easier!
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