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You couldn't make this stuff up! Well you could, but no need to!

It was the best of times, it was the weirdest of times: Here are some of the more random stories that colored the news in 2010: ** A Copenhagen bus company put "love seats" on 103 of its vehicles for people looking for a partner. "Even love at first sight is possible on the bus," said a spokesman for the British owned Arriva company to explain the two seats on each bus that are covered in red cloth and a "love seat" sign. **Shoppers at an international luxury fair in Verona, Italy, found a cell-phone-equipped golden coffin among the items on display. The phones will help "the deceased" contact relatives if they have been buried alive by mistake. ** Paul the octopus (see photo), who shot to fame during this year's football World Cup for his flawless record in predicting game results, died peacefully in his sleep in an aquarium. ** A Mozambican prisoner who had been released on parole broke back into jail after discovering he didn't like life on the outside. ** A robber in New York came up with a disarming way to pull off his latest bank heist, approaching the teller's window with a large bouquet of flowers and handing over a hold-up note. **A Kuwaiti MP proposed state-aid for male citizens to take second wives, in a bid to reduce the large number of unmarried women in the oil-rich emirate. **A Frenchman who lost all his limbs in an electrical accident successfully swam across the Channel, a challenge he had been preparing for two years. ** A set of dentures made for Britain's war-time prime minister Winston Churchill known as "the teeth that saved the world" sold for nearly 28,000 dollars at auction. **The strongest and most expensive beer ever created sold out within hours, a Scottish brewery said, as they courted controversy by packaging the bottles inside the bodies of stuffed squirrels. ** Two Australian men needed surgery after shooting each other in the buttocks during a drinking session to see if it would hurt. It did.....
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