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Who Knew I Was Downward Dogging My Way To Hell??

Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll is known for his unconventional sermons to get the followers of his flock behind his, well, unconventional Christian sermons. As the leader of the highly successful Seattle-based mega-church, Driscoll finds his "demons" lurking about everywhere, from Avatars and bumper stickers to stay-at-home dads. His latest target – yoga!   Driscoll argues that yoga is "absolute paganism" and its practitioners are "opening to demonism." Hey!!!! Driscoll writes that there is "nothing wrong with stretching, exercising, or regulating one's stress through breath." His line of reasoning equates yoga with a "worship act to sprit beings other than the God of the Bible." Driscoll goes on to review the roots and history of various yogic practices but says that "Christians must reject yoga" although he does allow for some “yoga-like movement.” "Feel free in Christian liberty to stretch however you'd like, participate in exercise, calm your nerves through breathing, and even contemplate the Scriptures in silence. But do so in a way that does not identify with yoga and non-Christian mysticism." Really???
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