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Daylight Savings


Daylight Savings time is this weekend.  When my daughter asked me questions about this convention – why we do it, how it came to be, does the whole world do it, and if not, why not - I began thinking about how arbitrary day light savings time is.  Apparently we spring forward earlier this year – who decides this? I would like to meet them.  Why don’t we get a say? How come some parts of the country keep the same time all year while others, like us, hope we remember to change our clocks and get to work on time that first Monday after?  And why do some countries observe day light savings while others don’t ? This is all very confusing and random when really - daylight is daylight -  it can’ be saved or lost. It simply….is.

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03/02/2009 11:59AM
Daylight Savings
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03/07/2009 2:32AM
Kat, Daylight Saving Time was created to conserve energy...what a concept!
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