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Dogs don't "Tweet", silly - they bark!

new dog-200x150Leave it to the folks at Mattel  to market “Puppy Tweets” for your dog. No, not for a toy dog - your living, breathing, slobbering dog! Puppy Tweets will allow your pets to automatically participate on social networking sites, for folks who care that your dog is scratching himself, eating your shoe, or digging up your petunias. The motion sensor “Puppy Tweet” collar tag has several pre-programmed Tweets. So whether your dog is sleeping under the bed, playing in the dog park, or chasing a squirrel, Mattel has already written a Tweet for that occasion.  The price tag for this gadget? 30 bucks.  Of course, taking a scene from “Up”, a dog tweet could easily be “Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry” ….. all day,everyday..  

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01/26/2010 4:50AM
Dogs don't "Tweet", silly - they bark!
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03/10/2010 12:04PM
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04/27/2010 3:00PM
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An sich ne gute Sache, ich frag mich nur, ob das auch dauerhaft brauchbar bleibt.
04/28/2010 1:33AM
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02/20/2011 3:19AM
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Hat irgendjemand ne Meinung wie sehr dies verallgemeinerbar ist?
07/07/2011 9:54PM
Wahnsinn dass das wirklich funktionieren kann
07/30/2011 1:51AM
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Verrückt dass sowas wirklich klappt :)
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