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"Can" you believe this one? Because I "Can't"

More proof that we live in miraculous times? Well no, but apparently you can now sit back, relax with your family and enjoy a sumptuous can of .....sandwich? Yep, a "CANDWICH." Think of it: no more having to peel off those pesky plastic wrappers on the individual cheese slices, no more wiping off crusty condiment squeeze bottles. And, c'mon, those bread twist-ties are enough to give you carpal tunnel! The Candwich comes in three flavors: peanut butter and strawberry jam, peanut butter and grape jam, and, the most terrifying of all, BBQ Chicken. This ingenious cuisine is brought to you by Mark One Foods, and plans for Pepperoni Pizza and French Toast Candwiches are in the works. And, somewhat disturbingly, there is more: The yellow circle on the left side of the can says, "Candy Surprise Inside." Not clear whether the candy is in the sandwich itself or a bonus side item, but either way I think we can agree that there should be no surprises in a sandwich in a can. Come to think of it, there probably shouldn't even be a sandwich that comes in a can in the first place...     

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07/23/2010 3:37AM
"Can" you believe this one? Because I "Can't"
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