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Where Were These When it was 108 Degrees in Sacramento?

The Japanese have an easy, unique way to beat the summer heat: Refrigerated underwear. Yes, they sell brand new undies from cooled vending machines. So, on the very hottest of days, you can now slip into something comfortable and cool – brilliant!  The underwear gained popularity in adult stores - surprise! - where the chilled underwear apparently sold 10 times faster than the room temperature pairs on the store shelves.  So right there, next to the Coke machines, you slide in your bill and out pops cold, clean panties in a chilled container.  The plastic dispenser looks very similar to a yogurt cup - minus the bacteria, one would hope…

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08/27/2010 3:45AM
Where Were These When it was 108 Degrees in Sacramento?
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08/27/2010 7:40AM
what was the FTHOI for aug 27? I think the chilled panties are fun sounding.
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