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Dog Poop Sheds Light On A New Source For Energy...Literally

Your dog's poop needn't go straight into the trashcan -- it can be used as an energy source. So says  Matthew Mazzotta who developed a methane digester that turns pet waste into enough electricity to power a light in a Cambridge, Massachusetts dog park. The concept is based off of technology being used in India and China. It takes cow manure, puts it into a tank and makes the perfect environment for the little microbes in the manure to put off methane, and this methane can then be used to cook or heat spaces." All summer long, people have been disposing of their pet's poop by placing it in a biodegradable bag and then putting it in the methane digester. The waste was then converted to energy to power a lamp post in the dog park. The hope is one day this type of recycled refuse will be a viable source of renewable energy. And with dogs creating tons of poop in cities everywhere, the idea of using its untapped power has a much more broad appeal than say, stepping in it…. For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com

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09/28/2010 3:35AM
Dog Poop Sheds Light On A New Source For Energy...Literally
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