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Hey boys - the "fiction" section is down the hall and to the right...

What makes a woman the perfect girlfriend, huh? Well recently, over 3000 bachelors (an important word here) were asked that question.  Generally, these gentlemen agreed that their “perfect woman” has a super-charged sex drive, can drink beers with the guys, and gets ready for a night-on-the-town in less than 10-minutes. Hmmm... They went on to describe their dream date, which had to have “perky breasts” and a “bouncing booty”. She also needed to be slender, shorter than him (even in heels), with long luscious hair, and enough confidence to leave the house without any make-up. Really? Finally, when it came to entertainment, the guys said that the bouncy, perky, jiggly, skinny, beer swilling, sex-crazed perfect girl also needs to enjoy watching college basketball – all weekend long. Any big surprise that these guys are still single?

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03/18/2011 2:43AM
Hey boys - the "fiction" section is down the hall and to the right...
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