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new-cigarette-150x2001A hot line in Michigan recently started to offer callers free nicotine patches, gum or lozenges to help them quit smoking or chewing tobacco. By the end of the first week, the heavy volume of calls had overwhelmed the hotline, and now it’s shutting down – what the hell?  In the first 5 days more then 65,600 called the quit line, and they ran out of free products. Don’t’ you hate it when a quit line calls it quits?   

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03/17/2009 7:33AM
Kickin' Ash
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03/18/2009 2:47AM
9 pm New Year's Eve marked my 10th year without a cigarette after 17 years of smoking. I quit cold turkey with no support group nor any patches or gum. The first two weeks were brutal and nearly sleepless. After that it was all about carrying a pen everywhere I went to occupy the fingertips. I remember the disbelief and utter harrassment for months from coworkers. Then one day the meanest boss that I ever had actually put his hand on my shoulder and said that he was so impressed with my choice and ability to stick to it. I am thoroughly impressed that so many people came forward so fast and hope that everyone that couldn't get the free stuff finds their way off the nicotine. Have a great day Bob.
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