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Life of a DJ

3395424430_58b73226f0_tThis past year marked the 40th anniversary of my radio career...40 years. Like Keith Richards said, if I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. I started in 1969 at an "underground" FM station in Miami called "The Magic Bus"..totally free form radical and perfect for the times. Then it was down south to the Conch Republic of Key West. Almost 10 years on the fringe of the was one long Margarita and I kept that island city rocking..A couple of years in Madison Wisconsin (MadCity) and eventually back home to N.Cal. The legendary station KZAP and 11 years of pure fun...absolutely..Then a couple of years at The Point (now the Zone) and finally, here I am at the Eagle. I have been here 15 years. The Cafe Rock has served a lot of lunches in that time. It's still an honor to get to do radio..and here we go, heading into my 41st year on the air. Thanks Sacramento.

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01/05/2010 12:44PM
Life of a DJ
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01/05/2010 1:15PM
Jeff Lanzaro
I've been a fan since the day I first heard you!
01/05/2010 4:52PM
dave lile
congrats BOB I can remember listining to you on KZAP the blue plate ia a staple in thes city again CONGRATS
01/05/2010 7:38PM
Kent Randles
I'm proud to have spent 8 of those years with you at KZAP including the trips to and remote broadcasts from Innbruck and Moscow, Bobski!
03/01/2010 1:38PM
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