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Makin' Bacon

bacon  SCIENTISTS DEVELOP FAKE BACON   It's almost indisputable ... There is no tastier food on the planet than bacon.  While most people do not hesitate to chow down on the stuff, animal rights activists have long denied themselves the joy of a perfect BLT sandwich because -- in case you didn't know -- bacon is made from dead pigs. Until now.  Scientists in the Netherlands claim they have created pig in a test tube and are actually growing pork muscle tissue in a Petri dish.  Lead scientist Mark Post of Eindhoven University thinks this breakthrough could do more than just keep animal rights activists happy. He believes it could end world hunger.  "You could take the meat from one animal and create the volume of meat previously provided by a million animals," Post said.  Making meat in a laboratory instead of on a farm could also save the planet by eliminating billions of tons of methane and other greenhouse gases emitted each year by animals around the world. Why does processed food taste so damn good anyway?

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12/08/2009 8:22AM
Makin' Bacon
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