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Morganna the kissing bandit

morgannaDo you remember Morganna the kissing bandit? She was a sports icon for all the right reasons. From the early 70s through the 80s she would show up at sporting events, usually baseball games, and run out onto the field and kiss the hell out of  one of the players, usually the pitcher. She had way over sized breasts that she would hide under a bulky coat. When the time was right she would jump onto the playing field and do her thing and the crowd would go crazy. She was arrested each time she did this which of course would fuel her notoriety. She has been retired for over 10 years now, her last notable appearance before retirement was in the Farrelly Brothers feature film Kingpin, appearing as herself. Morganna now live in Columbus ohio. She no longer grants intervies or does appearances. It's a shame there is no Youtube or any clip available for viewing. America's pastime has lost track of one of the greats..maybe she'll show up in Baseball's hall of fame. Cooperstown here we come!!

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03/18/2009 11:56AM
Morganna the kissing bandit
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10/13/2011 9:39AM
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