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Muscle Car

424167196_06408d2291_m101-YEAR-OLD GUY BUYS 426-HORSEPOWER CAMARO A 101-year-old man in Illinois, who happens to be eight months older than General Motors, bought a bright yellow, 426-horsepower Camaro SS -- the "Transformers" special edition model. Virgil Coffman traded in his Chevy Monte Carlo for the Camaro. "Driving by myself, I didn't need one of those big cars anymore," Virgil said. "I wanted a sports car." Virgil has already put about 1,800 miles on his new car, keeps his speed down. "Once in a while I like to kick it up," he said. "But I'm afraid to drive too fast and get a ticket, and then they might take my license away."

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11/23/2009 6:53AM
Muscle Car
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11/23/2009 7:20AM
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