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My 10 favorite Eagle Personalities since 1990

I've been an Eagle listener since the station signed on in 1990, and was an active member of the Eagle morning show as host of the "Morning Sports Page" with "Jeff and Mark" from 1991-1996. Now, from the "coming full circle department," I am the host of the new "Walt Gray Show" on the Eagle with the unpredictble Kat Maudru (starting Oct 22nd).  As I look forward to joining the team, I was thinking about my list of favorite EAGLE DJ's since 1990 (in no particular order).  Let me know your thoughts at feedback@eagle969.com
  • Bob Keller – the only guy I know that has more imaginary friends than I have real ones.  Seriously though, who doesn’t love The Café Rock?
  • Dorian McKenzie – her air shift wasn’t long enough to contain her smart wit; could have written for a TV hit, but would rather mock them for not hiring her.
  • Tom Nakashima – started in Sacramento the same year Pink Floyd released “Wish You Were Here”…yeah, a LONG time ago.  There’s no better pro than Tom.
  • J. Walker – a bit of a staff prankster, he loved to share a good joke; plus, he blew out SO MANY SPEAKERS, searching for 11 on the volume controls.
  • Charlie Thomas – The King of Puns.  This guy can rip 20 punch lines in 20 seconds.  See, that degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton IS good for something.
  • “Dead Air” Dave Diamond – a true Classic Rocker, from his studio mood-lighting and candles, to his choices in music.  What a night-time character.
  • Derek Moore – a music encyclopedia, you can’t stump him on any trivia, from Eddie Rabbit to Eddie Van Halen.  Amazing!  Great guy, too.
  • J.D. Chandler – Every guy wishes he had a deeper voice, with the exception of the late Barry White, and J.D Chandler.
  • Harlan Winslow – from his deep knowledge and love of music, to his unique after-dark persona and classic mustache…a true original.
  • James Lee Jobe – he’s a poet away from the studio, but on-air and in the halls the guys’ a constant jokester that matches quality with quantity.

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10/10/2012 1:39PM
My 10 favorite Eagle Personalities since 1990
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10/10/2012 3:04PM
Eagle personalities
thanks for birnging back some memories Walt. I, too, have been an Eagle listener from the first days... and prior KZAP... but have not thought of some of those names in a long time..J Walker, Dave Diamond...I remember listening to both of them. Welcome to the morning world. I'll be listening.. hope that Derek will be around once in a while still though, have been enjoying him in the morning these past months.
10/10/2012 4:10PM
Been watching you on KCRA for years, interesting to see you transition to radio
Been a very long-time Eagle fan and KZAP before that, and have been watching you on KCRA for many years. It'll be interesting to see you make this transition. And I like the fact you're rolling with the best. These guys are a class act.
10/10/2012 4:11PM
good list!
I remember Dorian from her KZAP days, and used to work with Dave Diamond and Tom Nakashima. And am familiar with the rest on the Eagle. Nice folks and pros all the around
10/11/2012 11:41AM
I remember KZAP
Dave and Dorian excellent music personalities J. walker a walking enciclopedia of music knowlege.. J.D Chandler too or yes The God Father for a spell all great Tom Nakashima even though he is a niner fan very kind Derek Moore live concerts fantastic
10/11/2012 3:45PM
Eagle Personalities....
DORIAN! The whole reason I got into radio. She was the queen on KZAP. I was so proud to have worked side by side with her at The Eagle as an air personality and her traffic reporter. JWalker.... amazing voice and a smart aleck....oh yeah... and a pretty great person too. Ann Jacuzzo
10/22/2012 1:03PM
walt gray show?
All I heard today was music? How about some talking and interaction with the audience. You were great on KCRA, good luck with this.
03/27/2013 10:53PM
Pine Cove
I remember partying with you, Adam Smasher, Rick Neal and Alex Cosper at the Pine Cove back in the early 90's. Good times and legendary radio personalities!
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