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camp-200x150As you've probably heard, Texas legislator Betty Brown has called for citizens of Asian descent to adopt names that are "easier for Americans to deal with..."  Easier for Americans to deal with?  Oh, I get it.  She means make it easier for REAL Americans to deal with.  Maybe we could all wear yellow armbands or yellow stars to identify ourselves as Asian, too.  Or maybe you all could set up a nice community for us to live in that's separate.... like an internment camp.  That way you don't have to learn our names at all.....

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04/10/2009 6:48AM
Nakashima Lock-up
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04/10/2009 7:31AM
Larry Sharp
I hope to God that her sentiments are shared by very few. What she said is reprehensible. There will be a special camp in Hell for her.
04/11/2009 4:57PM
Yeah Tom, talk about hatred and racism. It is still alive in good ole America, even with a Black Pres. There's also the fact of our country heading closer and closer to Totalitarianism like those Eastern Europeans before us.
04/22/2009 12:29PM
Debbie in Folsom
THIS person is why God invented duct tape...
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