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Neal Cassady

If there ever was a guy who made the leap from the Beat Generation to the Psychedelic generation, it was Neal Cassady. Neal was the inspiration for Jack Kerouac's break out novel "On the Road". The character Dean Moriarity.. Neal wasn't so much  a literary figure as one who inspired the beats to be as "out there" as they could get. Neal was a speed freak years before it became popular and he ran with the likes of Alan Ginsburg and Ken Kesey. He was a hip talking little con man who was too damn much fun to discount. When the beat generation of poets and writers began to fade in the late 50s and early 60s, Neal would hook up with the next cultural hurricane to explode, the 60s drug culture. He became a mainstay with the Merry Pranksters, the band of acid heads that Ken Kesey assembled. He drove the famous Bus named "Further", that is now in the Smithsonian exhibit. He burned brightly.. a little too brightly and passed away at age 41 in Mexico. After surving the Beat/Jazz/ Coffee house scene of the 50s and the Hip acid freakout of the Trips festival and the 60s, he ran himself to death along some railroad tracks in Mexico. Just toppled over from the speed and the drink. Neal was one of the very few who made his prescence felt in both of the major cultural changes of our time. A true bohemian. A true pleasure seeker. Like Ken Kesey said "Your either on the bus or your off the bus"..Neal was on the bus for the whole damn ride.

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01/25/2011 12:05PM
Neal Cassady
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10/19/2011 12:47AM
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