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Niners-Cowboys.. Let's Get Real...

Of course the 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys have a long history… and plenty of pundits can’t stop bringing that up.  Oh, the “Rivalry”… Oh, it’s “The Catch”… Oh, it’s Bill Walsh and Tom Landry…I know every blogger, tweeter and self-described expert has to fill up time and space.  What does it all mean for Sunday?  It doesn’t mean squat.  This is about 2011, and I’ll go out on the limb and say Jim Harbaugh is living in the moment.  He doesn’t care what Michael Irvin or Troy Aikman thinks.  He’s game planning for Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and holy smokes… what are we gonna do about DeMarcus Ware?    Yes, this is an important game for Mr. Harbaugh and the Niners, who started last year 0-5.  So all the blowhard talk can be distilled into one sentence:  “If the underdog 49ers can find a way to eke out an unlikely win over the Cowboys, they’ll be 2-0 with momentum on their side.”  What’s your deal? Cliff1066 photo

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09/16/2011 7:24AM
Niners-Cowboys.. Let's Get Real...
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