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Obesity? Get Over It...

Study after study tell us that more American adults are overweight or obese than are not.  We get it.  Oh the horror of it all.  But so much of the food we’re supposed to avoid tastes great.  What is this, a cruel joke?  It’s an outrage.  Yes, I admire those who only eat the healthiest morsels… but I feel they’re looking down their noses at the rest of us.  Hey, if you want to eat turf builder and strained tofu all your life, knock yourself out.  Yeah, you might be skinny… but what a miserable existence.  For all the enjoyment that would bring me, I might as well crawl in hole and die.  I’d rather go for moderation.  Healthy stuff when I can, but I’ll save room for Luigi’s Pizza… and the occasional bacon cheeseburger.  I feel better already.

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03/24/2012 9:25PM
Obesity? Get Over It...
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