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Ozzy 1987 "Tribute" to Randy Rhoads

It was 30 yrs ago this week that Randy Rhoads the plane he was on-board crashed while it was buzzing Ozzy's tour bus. Then...25 yrs ago this month...Ozzy joined me in studio, as we played the just-released Tribute album in its entirety--on a turntable!  I KNOW it was Ozzy, cuz he had  O-Z-Z-Y tattooed on his knuckles.  Ozzy expressed genuine sadness over the loss of such a talent as Randy, my fave Ozzy guitarist because of his classically inspired metal riffs.  BUT...what I also felt from Oz..was a sincere sense of FAMILY as he chatted on about his 2 small kids...Jack & Kelly. was no surprise to ME that the Osbournes was such a strangely compelling TV show, some 20 yrs later.  I wonder if the new cartoon the F*n Osbournes will have the same appeal??

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03/21/2012 7:12PM
Ozzy 1987 "Tribute" to Randy Rhoads
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03/21/2012 9:28PM
Very cool photo
You mean your hair wasn't always grey?! :D
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