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Right on! The Revolution is here..July 10th

Hey, the incense is burning, and the tribe is gathering again this Saturday for our flashback to the 60s...We'll start with one of the hottest English bands ever, featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy's a real rave-up. Rave-up is the term the English used to define a song that keeps building in momentum and has plenty of room for jamming. Neil Young will give us a peek into his acoustic side before he takes the stage at the Mondavi Center next week. We'll hear a band that represents the East Coast mindset of the revolution, it was different from us out here on the coast. Some organic rock and roll from the Golden State will be featured in the second hour. Later it would be called Americana, then, it was just good time picking. I have a mess of Beatles singles, Steppenwolf, The Who and Jethro Tull. Put on that headband and Beatle Boots and meet me at the Van. Psychedelic and far out man.

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07/06/2010 10:10AM
Right on! The Revolution is here..July 10th
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07/22/2010 5:28PM
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