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Rock and Roll Hall of fame

bruce22We are coming up to that time of year for the rock n roll Hall of Fame to induct this years group of music makers. I am particularly happy that Jeff Beck gets the nod, even though he has stated many times he hates the idea of being put in any kind of museum. One of the things that the Rock Hall is doing to spice things up this year is to put together a Bruce Springsteen tribute called "From Sbury Park to the Promise land. It will feature various Bruce memorabilia and will live at the Rock Hall through next year. One of the more intresting items is the T shirt and jeans he wore on the cover of the born to run album. Whenver they have a special exhibit it really is exciting. The exhibits are displayed for only the biggest and most important acts..Bruce is all that. I saw one for Pink Floyd when I was there in was really complete. There is a ceremony every year, complete with performances.

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03/23/2009 11:59AM
Rock and Roll Hall of fame
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03/25/2009 10:59AM
Hey Bob, I know what you mean about the Rock Hall. I was there in 2006. It was awesome. I recommend it to anyone who loves Classic Rock. The Jim Morrison exibit was my favorite. Ray
03/26/2009 6:26AM
Bob Keller
I actually got to do my show from there and broadcast back to Sacramento. They have a little studio all set up for visiting
04/12/2009 6:59PM
Pertaining to the R&R Hall of Fame inductions this year...I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT ANYONE WOULD CONSIDER RUN-DMC TO BE ANYWHERE NEAR ROCK AND ROLL!!! What a bunch of idiots!
04/20/2009 11:03AM
Ray Borton
As much as I loved going to the Rock Hall I totally agree with Knuckles. Run DMC? That's outrageous! I felt the same when they inducted Madonna! What a joke!
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