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Rod's Butt

Over the years, I have taken my mom to see all kinds of musical artists. Mom is game for just about anything. She and I have rocked out to the Doobies, swooned over Chris Isaak, and she's even gotten herself a contact high or two at a couple of Jimmy Buffet concerts. Mom is the bomb. Last year when I called her and asked her if she wanted to come up and see Rod Stewart at the Arco Arena - I still recall her simple and to the point response - I 'm there!! Well, Rod rocked the dump and we had a blast even with the beer swilling, word slurring women sitting next to us - "did you know Rod Stewart is Scottish?" too funny. Rod's stage was in the round, so everybody got to be sung to at one point or another, which also meant that everyone also got to have Rod's backside to them, and I gotta say, never thought so before, but Rod's got a nice ass - hey he played soccer for years. Anyway, while he sang to the other side of the Arco Arena, I had myself a good long look at Rod's butt through my binoculars. At one point I put down the binoculars to look over at mom and make sure she was enjoying the music. And music nothing - my 75 mother had her binoculars pressed to her eyes checking out Rod Stewart ass too! Seems we were both enjoying the view as it were! I give her a poke in the arm and a "what the hell" look and she smiles and says, well??? Ya gotta love those mother daughter moments.....

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02/18/2009 5:55AM
Rod's Butt
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09/13/2010 6:50AM
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