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Row, row, row your car.....

Fed up with the costs at the pump? Why not take a cue from Fred Flintsone?  While the HumanCar Imagine PS won't have you motoring to work using your bare feet like the cartoon character, you could soon be "rowing" your car on your morning commute. The car is a four-seat vehicle powered by hand cranks that can take hills at 30 miles per hour and exceed 60 mph on flat terrain. Based in Eugene, Ore., HumanCar Inc. is preparing to start producing the human-powered car and is now accepting pre-orders.  According to  Autoblog Green, the lightweight Imagine PS (the PS stands for Power Station) is street legal and, if four people are cranking inside, can run on human power alone. The car also has electric plug-in capabilities, allowing it to be run with just one person handling the hand-crank in a rowing-like motion. According to HumanCar's website, the chassis is adaptable, and can work with different kinds of batteries and technology in the future without requiring an entirely new vehicle. The HumanCar site says the car will cost $15,500 when it goes on sale next year.   Yaba daba doo! For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com 

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08/19/2010 4:09AM
Row, row, row your car.....
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10/12/2011 5:45PM
Human-Powered Car To Hit Market Next Year
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