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Separated at Birth...Cousin Itt & Slash

Cousin Itt (from the Addams Family) and Slash must have the same hair stylist..and hat size! Slash turns 45 tomorrow...he'll be with GnR as they take on Van Halen in a Cafe Rock Cage Match.  You can text in votes for yer favorite at high noon...wonder if Cousin Itt smokes?

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07/22/2010 1:44PM
Separated at Birth...Cousin Itt & Slash
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07/22/2010 2:15PM
That's a toughie... because from I would say 1987-1993 ( the year they finished up their last tour with any of the original memembers, besides Axl) GNR was the biggest band to hit the stage! But Van Halen now kicks GNR's ass since GNR released the awful Chinese Democracy album in 08.
10/15/2010 12:12PM
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