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Separated at birth...?

4553C C Sabathia, and Forest Whitaker...C C is from Vallejo, and (for non sports fans) is a pitcher for the (gulp) World Champion New York Yankees.  Forest is an actor who has played roles ranging from Idi Amin to Bubba in "Forrest Gump." I could see Whitaker taking on the role of C C in the made-for-TV movie..except that..well, C C is 6'7" and 290 lbs.  Steroids, perhaps?

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11/05/2009 12:30PM
Separated at birth...?
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11/16/2009 12:08PM
hey Charlie, Forrest Whitaker didn't play Bubba in the film Forrest Gump... it was Mykelti Williamson. Forrest is an outstanding actor and he did a fantastic job as Idi Amin in the Last King of Scotland. love you, Charlie. I've been a long time listenersince the 80's. Deana
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