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Shower thoughts

shower Not everyone sings in the shower, which is probably a good thing. Some folks do their best thinking while lathering up -- and the Waterpik company found out exactly what we're thinking about. People were allowed to pick as many answers as they wanted to. 56 percent of people go over their to-do lists. 41 percent think about their problems. 33 percent simply daydream. 28 percent think about work. 24 percent have sex on their minds. 20 percent obsess about their weight. For what it's worth, women have a little longer to think about all this stuff. The average gal showers for 14 minutes, while the average guy takes only 12.  

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06/08/2009 5:56AM
Shower thoughts
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06/08/2009 10:27AM
Bob Leonard
yo Bob, thought I'd find your "Word Dujure" in here, last week I did, I, missed your word I think it was last wed. or thurs. Anyway, it's good to be your friend Bob
06/08/2009 10:55AM
Bob Leonard
Boy, this thing doesn't like me. First, I couldn't read those two words, then, I started writting you a comment, and when I looked, what I, had writen, was gone? anyway, just thought, I'd say, I, thought I'd find your word today, like I did last week, you see, I missed it dicking around with whoever sends out your emails, said, my account, was messed up, and I wasn't allowed into the club to stream you guys
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