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Sit. Roll over. Buy me earth friendly stuff. Good human!!!

new-green20dog-200x150The green scene has gone beyond gardens-it now includes litter boxes and doggie treats. If you have an animal companion who eats, sleeps, plays and poops, you've got plenty of opportunities to cut down on waste, raise your pet's quality of life and color your corner of the world green. When emptying out closets, before throwing your dusty treasures away call your local shelters and ask if they need old towels, bedding, leashes, litter boxes and pet toys. They may even be looking for unused printers and computer monitors. Use earth-friendly pet shampoos and grooming products whenever possible. Scoop dog poop with biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags from the grocery store.  Humans with cats can go for eco-friendly cat litters, avoiding brands with mined minerals. Should your furry love leave a little dribble (or more) on the carpeting or floor, don't reach for the bleach. Use vinegar instead. This environment-friendly liquid can act as an effective odor-remover and can kill mold and bacteria. Please keep in mind, though, that vinegar must be diluted correctly with water. Consider making your own healthy dog biscuits and storing them in reusable containers. If you purchase store-bought treats, buy them in cardboard packaging and be sure to recycle. An finally, buy pet supplies in bulk or the largest available size. You'll make fewer trips to the store and cut down on packaging to discard of.

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08/12/2009 4:46AM
Sit. Roll over. Buy me earth friendly stuff. Good human!!!
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