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Sneaking Sally Through the Alley

The Sacramento City Council voted this week to name the alleys of the central city grid. The names will be a nod to our city's history and character. City officials hope that someday to have cafes, housing and shops lining some of the corridors. What!?..If you do that can you still call them alleys? To me that's what I call a street. Some of the names being considered include Solons Alley, a nod to our minor league team that onced called Sacrmento home. Tomato Alley, for obvious reasons, and Jazz alley, a reference to the Jazz festival that no longer exist. With all the challenges this city has at the moment, naming the alleys seems to be a little  silly. But then that's what the Sac City Council does, make really dumb decisions. Take it from me, I have lived in the city limits for over 30 years..these people are lost. The guy who's district contains all the alleys in question is Rob Fong, who represents my district. At least that what he claims, I have never ever seen him in my neighborhood, and he won't return a call from his constituents...great, I guess he is too busy hiding in the alley. Well that's my rant for today..gonna sneak back to the alley for some quiet time, before the construction starts.

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10/12/2011 10:01AM
Sneaking Sally Through the Alley
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