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So the ?Double Down? does come with buns!

Women on college campuses are making a quick 500 bucks. KFC is paying them to wear the KFC logo on their butt cheeks – they have KFC sweatpants with “Double Down” written across the seat.  Seems college-age men love the “bunless” Double Down sandwich. Yes that one – made with two chicken breast fillets with bacon strips, two cheeses and KFC sauce in between. And although the Double Down doesn’t come with buns, at 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1380 milligrams of sodium, it may very well end up on YOUR buns!

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09/22/2010 4:49AM
So the “Double Down” does come with buns!
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09/22/2010 9:03PM
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[...] Eagle 96.9 » So the “Double Down” does come with buns! [...]
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