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Stairway to Stardom

s2s09-0318So, I'm joined onstage by a young lad in a kilt..wearing a bass slung low. Yep, it's the concert for Stairway to Stardom 2009, last Sunday at the Holiday Inn. Tho these guys ROCKED--they didn't win. That honor went to "Mullet for My Valentine." It was my privilege to MC the event for the 6th time..a long day that's quite rewarding.  There were 22 bands who each played their 3 original songs.  Many of these teenagers had never met before linking up at Skip's Music 8 weeks earlier, at the start of this Stairway session.  It's a labor of love for the "coaches" who help out the bands, and the judges who sit thru all the bands, and provide constructive criticism before the groups head into local recording studios--like the Track Shack--to record their songs. One of the judges this year was Alan Gratzer, former drummer for REO Speedwagon. Next year will be the 30th annual Stairway, and I know Skip is already scheming on how to make it even better. Thanks to Kevin Graft, of Rokfoto, for sending me the picture.  If you like, you can check out other images from that concert--and many more--at

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08/14/2009 4:26PM
Stairway to Stardom
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08/22/2009 9:33PM
Victor Jue
Hi Charlie! Thanks for the nice comment on the band, Road Rage, where my son was one of the guitarists for the band. Though the band didn't place, the guys had a great experience this year.
01/06/2010 1:58AM
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