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Start Spreading the News - Pop Tart World Comes to New York!

A Pop Tarts “cafe” has opened in Times Square.  The 3,200-square-foot store pays homage to the famous breakfast pastry. And granted, Kellogg’s fourth restaurant may not be a place for great nutrition, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, hold onto your fillings!  Customers will be able to order a customized pastry or create a custom box filled with a mix of their favorite flavors. They can suggest new types of Pop-Tarts, select a Pop-Tarts T-shirt made by specialty artists or get "frosted" and "wrapped in foil" by a light show – ooohhh!!!  Pop-Tarts — two layers of pastry with sweet filling — have been a Kellogg mainstay for nearly 50 years;  about 2 billion sell each year. The menu at Pop Tart World includes everything from Fluffer Butter - butter marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries (!) – to Pop-Tarts Sushi  (Hmm - sounds kinda weird..) Anyway you toast it, though, suffice to say that there will be some pretty seriously sugar infused kids (and adults) bouncing around Times Square!

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08/11/2010 4:12AM
Start Spreading the News - Pop Tart World Comes to New York!
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