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Stop the Paper Blizzard!

Businesses tear through copy paper at an estimated annual rate of 10,000 sheets for each office employee.  Even if paper is relatively affordable, the cost of using it is many times higher. The real cost includes maintaining printers and copiers, mailing correspondence, storing records and handling office paper.  While recycling office paper is a good idea, the most cost-effective waste management strategy is reduction. Attacking paper waste can reduce operating costs and result in savings in waste collection, transportation and processing. In addition to reducing whenever possible, keep valuable resources in use by purchasing paper with the highest percentage of recycled-content material for printing, copying, faxing and general office use.  Here are some easy ways to reduce paper use:
  • Print and copy on both sides
  • Use e-mail to exchange documents and memos instead of printing or faxing.
  • Adjust fonts, margins and spacing to fit more text on a standard sheet.
  • When copying, reduce size to fit two pages of a report, book or periodical on one standard sheet.
  • Reuse paper printed on one side for internal memos, "draft" documents or scratch pads.
  • Use electronic data storage instead of hard copy files.
  • Use e-mail to exchange documents and memos instead of printing or faxing.
  • Eliminate mail list duplications from databases.
  • Use recycled-content, chlorine-free paper products, and use soy or other agri-based inks for printing projects.
For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com

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06/22/2010 3:11AM
Stop the Paper Blizzard!
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