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Strat Master

"Trower just gets better with age, like a good wine," my buddy Dana said to me last night at the Boardwalk, between songs.  And it's true--I've seen Robin Trower a few times in the last 25 years, and his seasoned licks are still mighty tasty. He looks like a college English professor, but when Trower straps on that Strat, he makes it speak--in bends, and crisp bites,  wah-wah warbles, and harmonic delays...all laid over a trance groove.  It was an impressive show at the Boardwalk--the room sounded GOOD, not TOO loud..the 400 or so in the crowd were into the groove, shouting out like a rock revival session. I cut out soon after the encore started--I'd heard the 4 tunes from "Bridge of Sighs" that I wanted to experience--but I can imagine seeing Trower again.  He'll probably be playing & touring til the last...(photo by Carl Lender)

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03/02/2011 1:10PM
Strat Master
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03/02/2011 3:00PM
Aaron Lewis
I wanted to make the show, but had to work early. Just recently discovered Trower's work, shame on me. Hoping to catch him in Tahoe!
09/15/2011 12:14AM
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