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Stuck In Traffic? Let's Sue Someone...

Yeah, the U2 show in Oakland was a big deal.  But not everybody was happy.  Apparently some fans are upset about missing much of the band’s performance because of traffic.  The lengthy traffic jam into the Oakland Coliseum turned the trip into a five hour journey for some.  And you could see it comin.’  As we are Litigation Nation, now there are concert goers who are threatening to sue…. somebody.  Maybe sue the police, the City of Oakland, Cal Trans… or even that conniving Bono.  I can certainly see why.   Traffic backed up in the Bay Area?  That’s never happened before…. Hilarious. neighborhoodsdotorg photo

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06/15/2011 8:57AM
Stuck In Traffic? Let's Sue Someone...
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06/19/2011 11:01AM
It wasn't that the concert wasn't any good,it was great. But it started 45 to 50 minutes late.If you took BART into the concert, you had to leave before the concert was over.I had these tickets since Nov. 3 2009. I would have liked to seen the whole show, but Bart close the station at 12:00p.m. So we missed most of U2.
06/21/2011 7:16AM
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