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Study Concludes: Guitarists? Brains Are ?Different Than Everybody Else?s?

Roxy Batz

Because we play guitar, we think we’re clever, don’t we? It turns out, we are! After two years research, Vanderbilt University in Germany has concluded that guitarists’ brain chemistry is somewhat unique.

For starters, guitarists literally have the ability to synchronize their brains while playing, according to Starting their 2012 study in Berlin, researchers had 12 pairs of guitarists play the same piece of music while having their brains scanned.

They discovered that the guitarists’ neural networks would synchronize not only during the piece, but even slightly before playing. Suggesting guitarists can read each others’ minds better than they can read music.

[Cue the classic joke: How do you stop a guitarist from playing? Give him sheet music.]

But that mental synch, researchers say, “happens in the areas of the brain that deal with music production and social cognition, so it makes a real difference in how tight a band sounds. When people talk about a band's chemistry, this may well be what they’re seeing. It also explains why brothers are the core duo in so many famous rock bands.”

“Bands of brothers” – The Kinks, Allmans, Black Crowes, Oasis, many others – are often great. It’s only offstage they seem to revert to a familial punch-up!

But relax about any potential post-gig fisticuffs. For now, it’s official – your brain is “different.”

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05/14/2014 9:19AM
Study Concludes: Guitarists’ Brains Are “Different Than Everybody Else’s”
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