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Surf's up!

This year the Beach Boys announced they would mount a 50th anniversary tour that would include Brian Wilson. They are scheduled for the Greek Theater in Berkely June lst.  50 Years!!...Growing up in California, as a youth, I was certainley swept up in the surfing craze that hit most of  California about 5 minutes after the Beach Boys sang Surfing U.S.A. As a highschooler living in San Mateo, we would take out after class and head to the coast, Half Moon Bay. There we would put on the wet suit, and paddle these immense surfboards out to the breakers. The beach was crowded with other surfers, playing the Beach Boys music at full volume, in their Woodys, with their blond hair (sometimes bleached). It was a powerful, pre-Beatles influence on a generation that was coming of age. It was a pride thing also, for us Californians. The Beach Boys were recently inducted into the California Hall of Fame. I wish them luck on this, their last tour. I hope they are able to deliver some of the fun, fun, fun that I remember from my H.S. days.

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02/15/2012 2:22PM
Surf's up!
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02/15/2012 3:18PM
Half Moon Bay
Great memories Bob! Carlmont High School class of 1970 - Dunes Beach class of 1968 :) -ed
02/15/2012 8:52PM
Surfs Up
Yes, Bob, I agree. So Looking forward to them all being together. The momories I have are nearly a decade earlier, but the feelings are still the same. It is if they are part of the soul of summer, surf, sand, love,magic!
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