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Thanks but no Thanks

This Saturday marks a day in English history that caused quite a stir. In 1965 The Beatles are inducted into the Order of the British of Englands highest honors. While Rock and Roll fans applaud the move, others are outraged. Canadian legislator Hector Dupuis, a previous honoree, decries being "placed on the same level as vulgar nincompoops". Some prevous M-B-E winners return their medals in protest. Ironically John Lennon would return his 5 years later as a protest to England's involvement in the Vietnam war. Way to go John. This weekend we have a ton of great music. T-Rex, featuring Tommy Bolin, when he switched from a folk muscian to a full on rock and roll cowboy. The Byrds jamming with a trumpet player they met at the Monterey Pop Festival, A Bay Area dance band that re-defined funk and whos ideas still resonate in today's music. How bout some Dylan working out with the one and only Leon Russel?..oh yes my brothers and sisters, even some hypnotic Fleetwood Mac before they were "commercial"...Light the incense, pass the pipe, it's how we start our Saturday, and it makes for a mellow time. Peace Out

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06/08/2011 10:14AM
Thanks but no Thanks
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06/11/2011 9:10AM
Oh wise man of the radio! Can you explain why radio chooses to play the edit version of Van Morissons "brown eyed girl"? It sorta bugs me that everytime I hear this song its never in its true version. I love this song. Its my parents song and I have fond memories of it growing up. I don't know if there is any reall reason why they still play the edit version, but can please explain why or just have them play the real version. I know its petty on my part by my curiosty finally got to me; I figured you have been in the business long enough that you could finally answer my question! thank you
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