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The ABC's For a Green School Year

This year, think about adding a little bit of extra  excitement to your kids’ back-to school anticipation by attempting to make their school year as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some easy green back to school ideas : Take the Bus, Carpool, Bike or Walk Taking the bus is often one of the easiest ways to make going back to school eco-friendly. School busses are timely in most cases, air conditioned, and a good way to get to know people. If your family lives close to school, walking or biking are great options. In respect to treating the environment well, biking and walking are head and shoulders above driving. Plus, that little bit of healthy exercise could really benefit today’s stagnant youth. If driving is your favorite option, carpooling with some nearby friends saves on money and carbon emissions. Bring an Eco-Friendly Lunch The simple solution to this challenge is, of course, to send your students off to school with sack lunches. Brown paper bags are a better option than plastic, but the best choice for the environment is a bag that won’t ever be thrown away. From Spider Man lunch boxes to bento boxes to homemade fabric lunch sacks, the options are fun and endless.  There are some great selections of environmentally-friendly lunch containers out there, including some made from old juice packs. Packaging inside a lunch sack can be eco-friendly as well if you ditch plastic sandwich and snack bags and choose small storage containers that can be washed and reused. Include some silverware (if necessary) that can be used more than once, and your family’s school lunches will be uber-green! Buy Green School Supplies It may sound silly, but writing utensils with a little extra pizzazz probably won’t be lost as fast. Whether that means buying special monogrammed pens or decorating one yourself, a pen with a little bit of sentimental value is less likely to be treated like it’s disposable. Also, it’s  easier than ever to find a notebook and paper made from recycled materials.  Office Depot and Staples sell recycled paper notebooks, and OfficeMax sells a 100 percent recycled printer paper. Encourage Your School to Do More Individuals and families can make a big impact on the environment by being more responsible consumers, but schools collect tons of waste on their own. Students and parents can talk to school officials about decreasing waste and recycling. Tell your school and friends about your green back to school ideas. Sometimes a single voice can make a big impact. For more gree ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com

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08/26/2010 3:02AM
The ABC's For a Green School Year
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100 Percent Recycled... [...] xes to homemade fabric lunch sacks, the options are fun and endless.  There are some great selectio [...]...
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