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The Griswolds would be so proud!

new-grisolds-200x150My family is taking a road trip next week - don't ask me why.  Maybe that's why a recently compiled list of the most frequently heard comments on summer road trips struck a chord with me. Any of these sound familiar to you?  "Are we there yet?" "How much longer?" "She's touching my side of the seat!!! "Let's pick up that hitchhiker." "I've never seen National Lampoon's Vacation." "I'm gonna take a nap." "Are we there yet?" "How much longer?" "I have to pee" "Are we there yet?  "You're driving too fast!" "You're driving too slow!" "You should stop and ask for directions!" "Surprise! I made a playlist!"  "No beef jerky!" "How much longer?" "Are we there yet?"  "I feel car sick.""When are we gonna stop to pee?" ...and my personal favorite: "Why couldn't we have just flown?"

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07/06/2009 3:42AM
The Griswolds would be so proud!
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07/08/2009 12:46AM
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