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The Hated Dodgers Crawl Back...

The Dodger Giant rivalry has been intense for the good part of a century.  Yes, Frank McCourt nearly ran Big Blue into the ground… but after selling his team for more than 2 Billion dollars, the landscape has changed.  As Joe Torre would say.. “That’s a lotta glue.”  I know Frank’s ex-wife will take a handsome cut, and there are a zillion  creditors who have to get paid.  But come on, you’d think he’d have something left for himself.  So the bitter rivalry is going to be hotter than ever.  The Dodgers now have the resources to do whatever the hell they want… to add to a team that already has Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw.  Will they make a run at Tim Lincecum?  I don’t even want to think about it.  Yeah, the Los Angeles Dodgers were nearly the laughingstock of Major League Baseball.  No one’s laughing now.  And what else would 2 Billion dollars buy?  Well, you could actually buy the Sacramento Kings, build them an arena, buy season tickets for every seat holder, give each person a new car… and provide all the Luigi’s Pizza you can handle.  And even though the beer would still be $16.00, you'd have at least  a half-billion dollars left.  But the City of Sacramento would probably drown in paperwork over that money, and after a year of finger-pointing… nothing would happen.
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04/08/2012 8:53PM
The Hated Dodgers Crawl Back...
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04/11/2012 1:44PM
deeply hurt
boy thier a lot haters in sports But, thats ok I'll take the heat for my teams Dodgers and the lakers
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