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The Human Be-In January 14, 1967

Photo from © Lisa Law This is the time of year I think back on a very magical January afternoon in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. January 14th, 1967. It was billed as the "The Human Be-In..a Gathering of the Tribes". It was one of those events that was unlike anything before it, and never again would the pure innocense of it be repeated. For over 5 decades the question still remains, how could 20,000 people enjoy a day in the park with absolute peace and not a single policeman in evidence? It was the coming out party for the Revolution, and it made national news. For almost two years the scene was building. The music, the fashion, the politics, the spiritual orientation. It all exploded that wonderful afternoon in the park. There were the shamans, the rockers, the Hell's Angels and just about every type of free thinking human that the Bay Area had to offer. It's where the the Beat Generation handed over the baton to the new hip community, the Hippies. I was there that afternoon. Just a few weeks before I was off to the military to do "my duty". I remember basic training in Texas, and once word got around that there was this guy from San Francisco on base, the questions started. These guys had seen the national stories about something going on in SF and wanted to know more. What was acid like? Were the Grateful Dead really high? Does everyone have long hair, never bath, always smoke dope etc. I missed the Summer of Love, but not really. I lived it in 1965 and 66. After the Human Be-in, word was out. The Gathering of the Tribes brought together so many elements. The Spiritual poetry of Allen Ginsburg, the acid ramblings of Tim Leary, the Merry Pranksters, the Angels, the Politicos from Berkely, the clowns, musicians and freaks from all corners of the city were out that day. It was one of the best parties I have ever been to. The fact that it was January 14th, and such a beautiful sunny day in SF was also a bonus. Below are a couple of comments from people that were there. The first is from a woman who wandered into the place, the other one is from Rock Scully, one of the managers of the Grateful Dead, who performed that afternoon, as did Janis and Big Brother. Janis drove up with the band in this beat-up Renault. It was a blissful experience, the kind that is embellished by the blush of youth. I'll always remember it. One woman remembers : Human be in Girl Rock Scully: manager Grateful Dead. Human Be-in

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01/10/2011 11:43AM
The Human Be-In January 14, 1967
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