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The Next Price Bubble?

yankees-200x150I give the Maloofs props for actually lowering ticket prices for Kings fans.  That's in stark contrast to what some other sports franchises are doing.  It seems the Personal Seat Licenses are all the rage.  I know they have new stadiums to pay for but come on....    Dallas Cowboys fans will have to dish out up to $150,000 per seat... just for the right to buy it!  In the new Yankee Stadium, a box seat that cost $150 a year ago is now $2500 a seat.  The invoice for the box went from $81,000 a season to.... $810,000.  I know,  they wouldn't be doing this if fans weren't willing to pay.  But for how long?  Isn't there a word for this?....  ah.... Extortion.

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03/18/2009 6:45AM
The Next Price Bubble?
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03/18/2009 8:05AM
How long to do stupid rich people have to set the ways and prices for the average person who can't afford it? Not suprising that people aren't attending events or concerts, look at the price. I looked at my concert stubs from 1996, I went to approximately 10 concerts that year for the same price I paided to see Eric Clapton (one ticket) in 2008.
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