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Three new R's for back to school and the planet

new-green20school-200x150If the shorter days and first signs of changing leaves don't remind you of the waning days of summer, all of the ads and store windows screaming "Back to School" certainly will. It used to be that we all took pride in cool new clothes, book bags and school supplies. Back to school season was always about buying more new stuff. Nowadays, though, everywhere you turn there are print and online articles about ways to applying the three Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle - to back to school preparations. Your back-to-school purchases make a huge difference. Here's why:  14 billion pencils are produced every year, many made with wood from ancient forests. Americans use about 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper each year, requiring 535 million trees and 12 billion gallons of oil to make. The average American consumes about 660 pounds of paper per year, compared to 550 pounds in Japan and only about 8.8 pounds in India. So this year, think about reusing binders, pencils, and markers from last year.  You might not need to buy much new. For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com.

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08/19/2009 3:05AM
Three new R's for back to school and the planet
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