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Chris Culliver.. Did It Ever Occur To You...
Derek Moore and I actually talked about this on Monday, when the Kwame Harris story broke.  Someone is bound to ask 49er players about gays in the locker room.  We figured, as long as you’re smart, use good judgement and be a good human being… things would be fine.  We were wrong.  As for Chris Culliver, whose anti-gay comments have brought a 10,000 pound distraction that no team wants, what the hell were you thinking?  The moment Artie Lange asked you “how many white women  you plan to sleep with this week?”… did it occur to you for a moment, that this might not end well?  You can believe whatever you want, but your insensitive comments, during the biggest football week in America…. brought shame to your team, to Jim Harbaugh, Jed York, your teammates and to your fan base.  I hope your apology is sincere.  Garrison Hearst, one of the greatest running backs to ever wear a 49ers uniform, made similar anti-gay comments once.  That was TEN years ago, and he’s still remembered for it.
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49ers.. Is It Your Time?
For San Francisco fans, how does it get any better than this?  We’re still high on the euphoria of the San Francisco Giants claiming their second World Series title within three seasons.  Now, the trumpet summons us again.  Well, it could be a giddy weekend is what I mean to say.  But as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, I’ll worry about… everything.  The flu bug, a practice injury, tripping over a gutter on Bourbon Street.  I want to enjoy the week, but the butterflies are starting to flutter.  Is the team ready to make history?  Are they prepared?  I sure as hell hope so.  As they say in poker, “you don’t have to win every hand… just the last one.”
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