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Topping Your Countdown... Dark Side...

dark200It's been said that one out of every 20 people under the age of 50 in the United States owns a copy of Dark Side of the Moon.  It's one of those albums that seems to be rediscovered by each new generation of rock listeners.  Why?  Maybe 1973 was the year of rock perfection.  Or maybe concept albums were all the rage.  Or perhaps it was the unforgettable album cover.  But there's no question, this was Pink Floyd at its collective best, with everyone contributing.  Thanks to your votes, Dark Side tops the Eagle's 50 Greatest Classic Rock Albums of All Time, brought to you by D.R. Horton, America's builder.  Catch a replay of the Dark Side story tonight at 8, and don't forget... next week is Honorable Mention week.

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08/07/2009 9:55AM
Topping Your Countdown... Dark Side...
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08/07/2009 10:15AM
08/07/2009 12:01PM
Gary Walker
Dark Side of the Moon is indeed a great album and arguably the best. However, by it taking the number 1 slot on the Eagle Top 50 that leaves the Beatles' Revolver, often called the greatest album ever, nowhere on the list. That is remarkable considering some of the albums that made the list, including Madman Across the Water by Elton John, an album that was poorly received by critics and fans alike. I suspect that heavy play on KSEG of the two great tracks on the abum, Levon and Tiny Dancer, made its mark on the listeners.
08/07/2009 12:45PM
Well I'm not disappointed with the choice. There isn't a bad song on the LP. Best of all time? Top 5 for sure. It is an absolute must for any serious music collector. But is this better then Hotel california which is a master piece as well, or Led #4 or even pink floyds other all time classic The Wall? Not sure but to put Dark side of the moon as #1 is still a good choice. I think if Hotel California, The Wall Or Led 4/Physical Graffiti and SGT Pepper (remember that band from liverpool) all have case to be #1 as well as Dark Side. What would be fun would be to have a contest the worst classic rock LP of all time. It would have to be done by a known band but that would be interesting...My vote Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request...Possibly the absolute worst album of all time regardless of Genre
08/07/2009 5:19PM
Where's Led Zeppelin II ??? How can it not even be in the Top 50?!!! As the countdown got to #1, I figured it was a tie between Led Zep II and Dark Side.
08/08/2009 7:46AM
Evan Mills
not bad guys, a pretty accurate list, although i thought for sure led zeppelin IV was gonna be #1, and im always disappointed that a few really good albums were not listed for example: paranoid-black sabbath moving pictures-rush escape-journey machine head-deep purple slippery when wet-bon jovi a night at the opera-queen revolver-beatles hysteria-def leppard led zeppelin II-led zeppelin but anyways thanks to everyone at The Eagle for setting this up and making this happen, it really gave me something to look forward to everyday, thank you!!!
09/17/2009 5:08AM
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