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Tommy's Line.. Quarterfinals... Jan. 28...

brawl200Creedence vs. Bob Seger (+3 ½)..  battle of the wild cards.. each with solid, loyal followings that only packed enough clothes for one day….By the way, CCR's "one vote" win over Zeppelin made ESPN 1320's "Shocker of the Week.." AC DC vs. Boston (+13 ½)… AC DC’s gotta be thinkin’… “who let you in here?”..  it would take a miracle for Boston to pull this off, but they’ve surprised everyone all week. Queen vs. Tom Petty (2 ½)..  Queen’s been cleaning house.. but Tom’s followers have fire in their eyes… could be a bloodbath…. Pink Floyd vs. Eric Clapton (+8 ½)..  Floyd’s fans are the most intense, dedicated  people on the earth… on the other hand, Eric’s got the coolest SmartPhone…. Don’t count him out yet…

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01/27/2010 5:03PM
Tommy's Line.. Quarterfinals... Jan. 28...
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01/27/2010 9:36PM
Craig Walling
All you DJ's are talking about the major upsets this year.Here's my theory.No online voting this year,only texting, which is dominated by the younger crowd.Us older folks, who voted faithfully online in past years,refuse to pay $1.00 a textvote so the phone company and your station can split the profits.How else could Zep loose by one vote?
01/28/2010 5:55AM
Are you friggin kidding me!!!! Zeppelin loses to CCR????? That is a joke, not an upset! Whatever means of voting people are doing is flawed if this was the result.
01/29/2010 3:03PM
Greg Moniz
Tom I'm terribly old school but the classic Pink Floyd that you play is too new. I was there when Pink Floyd put on a quad (surrond sound back in the day) show and did Heart of the Sun and Be Careful With THat Axe Eugene in SF. Man they've deserved to win since then. Greg
01/21/2011 6:19PM
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