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Kinks Reunion? Who Are You Kidding?

I hear that Ray Davies is still hoping he can reunite The Kinks…but that it’s up to his younger brother Dave.  Dave writes in a message-board post on…. “If Ray replies to my Emails and addresses the outstanding business and creative issues we have, then anything is possible… He rarely consults me on these issues.”  I don’t know what it is about some families… things just don’t work out.  These guys are like oil and water.  They never have gotten along… they don’t now… and they never will.  So the idea that there will be some kind of Kinks reunion is completely laughable… stop wasting our time.

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03/02/2010 10:44AM
Kinks Reunion? Who Are You Kidding?
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03/02/2010 1:16PM
Neon Sign
Well, whether they get along or not, they did manage to stay together for 30 years. So why couldn't they pull it off again one more time? I think they will.
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