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Gearing Up For Superbrawl 2011...

I could be biased, but these could be the greatest first round match ups in the history of the American tradition known as Superbrawl. All right, I got carried away…  it’s a Sacramento tradition.  As you can see on our home page, 16 dynamic pairings open the festivities January 31st, with each round’s winners determined exclusively by your text votes.  Yeah, there are no bye-weeks, Mulligans or free passes allowed.  Odds on favorites to go deep are the usual suspects.. Pink Floyd, AC DC and Zeppelin of course.  But Skynyrd likes to play spoiler, Bono has to go up against the ITune darlings, the Beatles… and don’t ever count out Stevie Ray Vaughan fans.  Is the Rush love-fest enough to unseat Pink Floyd?  And why do we pit Jimi Hendrix against Led Zeppelin?  ‘Cuz we can.  And make no mistake, there will be at least one upset on Day One.  Great vibes surround Queen these days, as they’re celebrating their 40th anniversary.  But their first round opponent is Kiss, who’ve never placed in the money in any Superbrawl.  But I NEVER count out fans who are wearing makeup and tight leather pants….

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01/20/2011 7:06AM
Gearing Up For Superbrawl 2011...
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01/20/2011 9:32PM
Troy Glasson
Tom, When you play Rush this year, try not to play the common ones (Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Closer to the Heart). Since you're putting them up against Floyd, try playing songs that have a chance to win. Songs like La Villa Strangiato, Presto, Mission, FarCry, Time Stand Still, Resist, and The Pass. I Guarantee that there will be more votes for Rush this year and they'll make it out of the first round this year.
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