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Bonds.. "No, You're Out Of Order..."

That the Barry Bonds trial is actually taking place in downtown San Francisco is somewhat comical to me.  I mean, if it’s in Beverly Hills, this is a different story.  Philadelphia?  That’s automatic prison.  But here in the City by the Bay?  Apparently prosecutors think these jurors couldn’t care less that the guy in the hot seat has worn the uniform of the World Champions of Baseball…  Hilarious.  Do you mean to tell me you’ve found 12 people who say they haven’t heard of BALCO…or Bonds?  Of course, according to that Newsweek story… a third of Americans don’t know who the Vice President is.  Yeah, that’s who I want on my jury.  Then there’s Greg Anderson, who’s done a lot of jail time for refusing to testify.  What’s the upside for him?  Good lord… there are guys in the Mafia who couldn’t keep quiet this long… guano photo

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03/22/2011 8:21AM
Bonds.. "No, You're Out Of Order..."
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03/22/2011 9:16PM
Daniel Schlafer
I do think it possible that twelve honest jurors can be found in San Francisco . Have you ever been to a Dodgers-Giants game or an Athletics- Yankees game ? Not everyone living in those Dodger and Yankee hats lives under a rock or likes the Giants and Bonds .Speaking of rocks --- how about " Like a rock " ---Bob Seger?
03/22/2011 9:20PM
Daniel Schlafer
Furthermore --- most drunken Giant fans in San Franscisco must have thought that all those Dodger fans were from Southern California ? Do Giant fans ever sober up ?
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